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So very proud!

It was announced today that - along with web luminary Felicia Day, Emma Caulfield, Julie Ann Emery, and Hilary B. Smith - I was nominated for the IAWTV award for BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN A COMEDY for my work as Brynn on LEAP YEAR. Our fearless leader/writer/director, Yuri Baranovsky, was nominated in the Best Actor category.

We began production on the show at the beginning of 2011, so it's a treat to cap the year off with some wide recognition for our work. It will be a fantastic start to the new year with the awards ceremony in Vegas on January 12, 2012 (live stream of show will be available via Shortly after, in February, I'll be rejoining our incomparable cast and crew for the filming of SEASON TWO.

We'll - of course - keep you updated on further award developments (we're both up against THE GUILD, so no breath-holding, please.) and I'll be checking in regularly from set once we descend upon San Francisco for the next round of LEAP YEAR hilarity. Thank you to all the fans who have been keeping our lovely little show afloat and, certainly many humble thanks to the IAWTV members who were gracious enough to consider us in a pool of such amazing talent.

Happy Holidays to all! I wish you the best for the coming new year!

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