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Hide in the Light

I checked a major acting wish off my bucket list this October by filming my very first horror film. Hide in the Light is a thriller feature from Glix Studios and my first feature lead and it wouldn't have been possible for me to have had more fun. I screamed. I cried. I ran up and down a million stairs. And I've never laughed harder. Or danced more between takes. I'm a better person for knowing the team of people on this film and I cannot wait for everyone to see it. Starring [the McGregors]: Jesse James (Amityville Horror, Butterfly Effect), Clayton Snyder (Lizzie McGuire), Lindsay Lamb, Sterling Jones, Cynthia Bravo, David Kaye, Chandler Massey, Katie Schwartz, Mathilda Gregor and KylieRae Condon.

#HideintheLight #GlixStudios #Horror #Thriller #IndieFilm #MikeyMcGregor #JesseJames #ClaytonSnyder #LindsayLamb #SterlingJones #CynthiaBravo #DavidKaye #ChandlerMassey #KatieSchwartz #MathildaGregor #KylieRaeCondon

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