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Emma Approved

I am finally allowed to announce that I am playing ANNIE TAYLOR on the new series EMMA APPROVED! The show is a modern vlog adaptation of Jane Austen's EMMA and is a follow-up to PEMBERLEY DIGITAL's Emmy-winning series THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES. I've been a follower/fangirl/friend of both creator BERNIE SU and producer JENNI POWELL for a long time now, so I am just delighted to be able to be a part of the PEMBERLEY world.

I'm also thrilled to be working with cast members JOANNA SOTOMURA (Emma), DAYEANNE HUTTON (Harriet) and BRENT BAILEY (Alex Knightley). I had the pleasure of working with Brent waaaaay back on a film called SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF and Joanna and Dayeanne are as sweet and genuine offscreen as they are onscreen. I look forward to working with them more and interacting with the famous PEMBERLEY fans.
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