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So many thanks!

I just returned from the inaugural IAWTV Awards in Las Vegas. So many kudos are owed to the organization and its heads, PAUL KONTONIS, AMBER J LAWSON, my lovely friends JENNI POWELL, DREW BALDWIN and and all the rest of the board and members. They hosted multiple panels as part of CES 2012 and pulled off an excellent awards show and corresponding parties. I was so impressed and extremely proud to be honored by such talented folks.

I, alas, did not win the category in which I was nominated. I wish winner FELICIA DAY myriad congratulations.

I did, though - in the event that pigs started to fly right there in the Venetian Showroom - prepare a tiny speech and I wanted to share it with all of you anyway.

Just because I didn't win an award doesn't mean that the people who inspire and support and love me don't deserve recognition, so I'd love to take the time to thank them here.

I have to thank the IAWTV for celebrating our show, not only with my nomination, but also one for our writer/director YURI BARANOVSKY. There were some incredible shows highlighted and it's fantastic to receive attention for our hard work.

I was so thrilled to be included in a category with such phenomenal actresses...a couple of whom I've watched and admired for many years. But not only are those women incredible performers, but all four of the other recognized women are also show creators and writers. It's another example of why I'm proud to work in the web. I love an industry that celebrates such dynamic and successful women.

I've worked with Yuri and Vlad Baranovsky for 8 years and I cannot thank them enough for the continued employment. Everyone at HLG FILMS makes up a truly treasured famliy and they enterain and challenge me with every new project.

A big thanks to WILSON CLEVELAND and CJP DIGITAL for making LEAP YEAR possible. And to our sponsor, HISCOX, we hope you're proud of the show. We're sure proud to represent you.

To my friends and family that provide constant support, encouragement and love, I strive everyday to make you proud. Special shout-out too, to those watching the livestream from back home in Montgomery, Alabama.

I was not only nominated, but I was honored to present the first batch of awards with one of my favorite actors, JOSH MALINA, who can currently be seen on the web in the truly hilarious CRACKLE show BACKWASH.

Season two starts shooting in just over a month! We're thrilled to get back to it and I'll be sure to share the latest news and pictures from set here on the website!

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