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Leap Year Debut

Our new series LEAP YEAR, from the creative collaboration of both HLG Films and CJP Digital, debuted in March and - at present - our views number 3,000,000+. I had an amazing time playing not only against type as Goth computer tech, Bryn, but also her sassy hallucinated counterpart. We're awaiting news of a possible second season. Keep your fingers crossed!

I had the great honor of being directed by a frequent acting colleague of mine, Mr. Mark Gantt. With uber-producer Carolina Groppa and the talented actor Trevor Algatt, we shot DONOR in May. Just waiting on festival acceptances.

I also worked on two other shorts this summer: Oznola Productions' THE NEXT SCENE with Travis Myers and Meili Cady and GOOD GRIEF from director Mike Mo, starring Allen Maldonado.

In September, I made a brief cameo in LIVE WITH IT, a fantastic short which cleaned up at the LA 48-hour Film Festival's awards, winning both Best Film and Audience Choice awards. It was a pleasure to work on the project with starring actor Maury Sterling and a number of folks who are familiar to me through the web world, including: director Joey Harris, Stuart Davis, media maven Jenni Powell, Woody Tondorf, PJ Marino and Ben Pace.

Coming up, I'll be working with both Allen Maldonado and Allen Gardner, two actors I met on other projects. Mr. Maldonado and I will be shooting A YOUNG MAN'S CHOICE in November and I will be traveling to Nashville in the spring with Allen Gardner's production company to shoot the feature film BEING AWESOME.

There's still an option on LOVEMAKERS as well, so we'll let you know when we get our big deal!

Very excited to see what happens next. Please join this site's email list for current news. I'm also trackable via Twitter (alexisboozer) and Facebook! Thanks, everyone, for your constant support and love!

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